Novel Inflatable Pool Alternatives

From ancient times, pools have decorated the richest mansions of the affluent. Today they are a lot more accessible, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to unwind in a fancy pool. Here we are going to discuss alternatives to enjoyable inflatable pools that stud the market nowadays.

The portable spa wonder

Taking a dip into hot, steamy water after a long working day is not only a peaceful leisure activity but also a therapeutical treat that relieves stress, facilitates body relaxation, and helps battling insomnia. You can enjoy a hot bath while socializing, contemplating by yourself, or spending some quality time with your family and friends. An inflatable hot tub is nothing less than a portable spa that you can benefit from at any time with far cheaper expenses.

The portable spa is designed just like a regular jacuzzi, providing you massages with bubbles and tranquilling hot water. It is easily inflatable, yielding flexibility when it comes to moving the tub around. You can put it wherever you need it and flatten it for storage without using a lot of energy.

While owning an inflatable hot tub is a true bliss for the mind and body, it’s recommended to research what the market provides before you decide upon one product. Beforehand, here are some crucial aspects to take into account when looking after an inflatable hot tub:

  • Size: Is the tub meant for a larger number of people to fit comfortably or just for you? You can find models that can accommodate up to ten people and more compact ones that fit up to four people.
  • Shape: Even though most of the models are designed circular, you can find other shapes too, such as rectangular and square-shaped. One of the benefits of the latter is easy fitting in the corners.
  • Heater: You probably want a heater that doesn’t raise the bill too much. The latest models provide heaters with energy-saving turn-off and shut-down technologies.
  • Material: Look for models that are designed with I-beam structures that facilitate additional sturdiness to your hut tub.
  • Massage jets: The more the bubble jets, the richer the experience! Find out how many jets a tub has and their location.

Inflatable family pools

In dry summer days, there’s nothing more welcome than a pool in the yard. Families usually opt for inflatable pools due to being easy to store and don’t require time and skills to have them set up. Besides, they are the best inexpensive alternative to the rather costly ones.

When you consider buying an inflatable pool, you should have in mind several factors. If it’s for family use, you don’t want it too deep so that children can play by themselves without being looked after. Moreover, the design is not a negligible variable when it comes to luring your children to some aquatic activities. The brighter, the greater!

The Pool Advisors have enlisted ten top-tier picks when it comes to inflatable family pools. Probably the model that would suit best your needs is the Big Mouth Rainbow Inflatable Kiddie Pool. Maybe one of the best inflatable pools, Big Mouth Rainbow excels through its fun design and easy to assemble factor. It is just perfect for a round of fun splashing into the water!