How to wash your clothes during long RV trips

A cross country trip in an RV is sure to become an unforgettable adventure for everyone involved. But you don’t want to make it into a smelly one. Practicing good personal hygiene is hard enough when you are on the go and you should use every tool available to make it easier. Otherwise, you are risking alienating the many people you will surely come across during your trip.

Wearing clean clothes every day is a must unless you are traveling alone and don’t plan on entering any cities and towns. It is simply good manners and showing respect to your other passengers. But obviously, caring for your clothes like you would at home is not really possible in an RV. So how can you prepare beforehand to make the job easier?

Doing laundry on the go

A portable washing machine is a great and very cheap solution to the laundry problem. Sure, you can just use the laundromat but you will never be sure that you can find one that is open. Not to mention that if you stray away from cities you probably won’t find one for days. Some campsites might be equipped with a washing machine but they might not be available due to being used by other campers and the costs can quickly add up. A portable washing machine will allow you to wash your clothes whenever you need to, without having to rely on laundromats.

There are two kinds of portable washing machines, manual and electric. A manual portable washing machine uses a very simple mechanism. You just need to fill the container with warm water, add soap and put the dirty clothes in. Then you use a manual pump, operated either by hand or foot, to spin the clothes inside the container. It is recommended to repeat the spinning motion around 10 times and let it rest for a few minutes. Next, replace the warm water with cold water and repeat the process to finish the laundry.

There are also electric portable washing machines. They are slightly more expensive but they will do the job automatically. If you have an electric outlet you can spare in your RV then consider purchasing one. Just remember that portable washing machines are often smaller than regular ones, meaning that you will probably be doing laundry more often. They also don’t have that many different laundry settings. You will also need to provide a water source. The best portable washing machine for you should fit your specific laundry needs. However, they are not expensive so you are not risking much in terms of finances.

After doing laundry, you can just dry your clothes outside on a clothesline, taking advantage of the sunny days. Some portable washing machines come with a drier basin but they get quite expensive and will take up a lot of space. And if your clothes still look off even after drying, consider getting a small handheld portable steamer to get rid of any wrinkles and make sure what you wear looks presentable no matter where you are.