How to make your home more pet-proof

Living with a pet, especially if you have never fostered one before, can reveal many surprising challenges. While no one can deny that pets bring happiness to any household, unfortunately, they can also cause some unforeseen damages. Here’s how to prepare your house to prevent any damage from happening in the first place.

Lock away hazardous items

Many pets, especially if they are very young, will try and explore their surroundings with no regard for their safety. If you decide to adopt a pet, you need to make sure that all chemicals, like cleaning supplies, and any medicine are locked away in a safe place that is out of reach. The same goes for any electric cords and equipment. If you have a cat, then this doesn’t simply mean you can put these supplies somewhere on the highest shelf and forget about them. Cats are unpredictable and if yours is still growing then you never know when he or she is going to become able to jump higher than the day before. It’s better to be safe than sorry so store your items carefully.

Also remember that some plants, such as hyacinths, can be toxic to animals. If you have any plants at home, make sure to check if they are safe for your pet.

Prepare for shedding

Unless you’re an owner of a short-haired dog breed or a hairless sphynx cat, you most probably are going to have to deal with massive amounts of fur being shed on your floors and furniture. This means a lot of additional clean up. Furthermore, a lot of people suffer from dog and cat allergies so being in an environment full of pet hair is undoubtedly detrimental to their health and comfort.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent shedding from becoming a serious problem. There are air purifiers on the market that are designed especially to combat this issue. They filter out allergens in the air to make sure that people suffering from allergies can live comfortably together with their pets. Most are designed to run quietly in the background as to not disturb our furry friends. The best air purifier for pets will let you forget about allergies and also reduce the amount of cleaning that needs to be done.

Buy pet cleaning supplies

Accidents are going to happen, no matter how much you are prepared. That’s why you should keep products that will help you clean up after your pet just in case. Products like odor removers are great for making sure your home doesn’t smell like dog vomit and sprays that remove urine stains from couches and rugs will be your lifesaver, even if you only use them once a year. Do not underestimate the amount of damage pets can cause and prepare for the worst.

How to cut overgrown grass

Any landowner knows just how quickly lawns can get out of control. Sometimes even a few rainy days can make the grass grow right before your eyes. After the grass reaches a certain height, a simple lawn mower won’t be the right tool for the job anymore. Whether you have to deal with tall grass due to your own or someone else’s accidental oversight or have come into possession of a previously abandoned land, you will need special techniques to deal with overgrown grass.

What tools to use

Depending on the density of the grass and the type of vegetation growing, you will need to use different tools. If it’s just tall grass then a line trimmer should be enough. However, if you also need to cut down a lot of weeds and shrubs, a brush cutter will do a better job.

Line trimmers are handheld machines that are useful for cutting tall grass and for trimming lawns in places that are hard to reach for a regular lawnmower. They use a sharp trimming line to do the cutting. Brush cutters look and work in a similar fashion, but they are fitted with a metal blade instead. This makes them able to cut through plants thicker than just grass but they are slightly more difficult to use. Even the best brush cutter has a steep learning curve and you need to use specific techniques to operate it safely. To find out more about different models of these machines, visit the Handyman’s Garage website.

Choose the right time

For the best results, you need to cut overgrown grass in good weather conditions. Avoid rainy and high-humidity days. Depending on the length of the grass, you will probably need to cut the grass in a few sessions during one month.

Make the cuts

The first cut you make should get rid of about 50% of your grass length. Do not cut the grass all the way at one go. Cutting too much of the length can cause your grass to die completely due to shock and sudden lack of nutrients. Wait a few days, at least two, to let the grass recover.

With the second cut, you can shorten your grass to around 6 inches. Again, after you have done that, let the grass recover. You can even water your lawn to speed up the recovery process.

If you have a lawnmower that can cut through grass that is 6 inches tall, feel free to use it. If you aren’t sure then use a line trimmer or a brush cutter to shorten your grass by around 1/3. Since both line trimmers and brush cutters are handheld machines, you will not be able to get a precise even cut with them. That’s why you need to finish the job off with a lawnmower. It is recommended to wait at least a whole week to let the grass rest before going at it with a lawnmower. Again, try not to cut more than 1/3 at a time. If needed, start with your lawnmower at the highest setting and after a few days cut your grass again to your desired height using shorter settings.

How to wash your clothes during long RV trips

A cross country trip in an RV is sure to become an unforgettable adventure for everyone involved. But you don’t want to make it into a smelly one. Practicing good personal hygiene is hard enough when you are on the go and you should use every tool available to make it easier. Otherwise, you are risking alienating the many people you will surely come across during your trip.

Wearing clean clothes every day is a must unless you are traveling alone and don’t plan on entering any cities and towns. It is simply good manners and showing respect to your other passengers. But obviously, caring for your clothes like you would at home is not really possible in an RV. So how can you prepare beforehand to make the job easier?

Doing laundry on the go

A portable washing machine is a great and very cheap solution to the laundry problem. Sure, you can just use the laundromat but you will never be sure that you can find one that is open. Not to mention that if you stray away from cities you probably won’t find one for days. Some campsites might be equipped with a washing machine but they might not be available due to being used by other campers and the costs can quickly add up. A portable washing machine will allow you to wash your clothes whenever you need to, without having to rely on laundromats.

There are two kinds of portable washing machines, manual and electric. A manual portable washing machine uses a very simple mechanism. You just need to fill the container with warm water, add soap and put the dirty clothes in. Then you use a manual pump, operated either by hand or foot, to spin the clothes inside the container. It is recommended to repeat the spinning motion around 10 times and let it rest for a few minutes. Next, replace the warm water with cold water and repeat the process to finish the laundry.

There are also electric portable washing machines. They are slightly more expensive but they will do the job automatically. If you have an electric outlet you can spare in your RV then consider purchasing one. Just remember that portable washing machines are often smaller than regular ones, meaning that you will probably be doing laundry more often. They also don’t have that many different laundry settings. You will also need to provide a water source. The best portable washing machine for you should fit your specific laundry needs. However, they are not expensive so you are not risking much in terms of finances.

After doing laundry, you can just dry your clothes outside on a clothesline, taking advantage of the sunny days. Some portable washing machines come with a drier basin but they get quite expensive and will take up a lot of space. And if your clothes still look off even after drying, consider getting a small handheld portable steamer to get rid of any wrinkles and make sure what you wear looks presentable no matter where you are.

Novel Inflatable Pool Alternatives

From ancient times, pools have decorated the richest mansions of the affluent. Today they are a lot more accessible, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to unwind in a fancy pool. Here we are going to discuss alternatives to enjoyable inflatable pools that stud the market nowadays.

The portable spa wonder

Taking a dip into hot, steamy water after a long working day is not only a peaceful leisure activity but also a therapeutical treat that relieves stress, facilitates body relaxation, and helps battling insomnia. You can enjoy a hot bath while socializing, contemplating by yourself, or spending some quality time with your family and friends. An inflatable hot tub is nothing less than a portable spa that you can benefit from at any time with far cheaper expenses.

The portable spa is designed just like a regular jacuzzi, providing you massages with bubbles and tranquilling hot water. It is easily inflatable, yielding flexibility when it comes to moving the tub around. You can put it wherever you need it and flatten it for storage without using a lot of energy.

While owning an inflatable hot tub is a true bliss for the mind and body, it’s recommended to research what the market provides before you decide upon one product. Beforehand, here are some crucial aspects to take into account when looking after an inflatable hot tub:

  • Size: Is the tub meant for a larger number of people to fit comfortably or just for you? You can find models that can accommodate up to ten people and more compact ones that fit up to four people.
  • Shape: Even though most of the models are designed circular, you can find other shapes too, such as rectangular and square-shaped. One of the benefits of the latter is easy fitting in the corners.
  • Heater: You probably want a heater that doesn’t raise the bill too much. The latest models provide heaters with energy-saving turn-off and shut-down technologies.
  • Material: Look for models that are designed with I-beam structures that facilitate additional sturdiness to your hut tub.
  • Massage jets: The more the bubble jets, the richer the experience! Find out how many jets a tub has and their location.

Inflatable family pools

In dry summer days, there’s nothing more welcome than a pool in the yard. Families usually opt for inflatable pools due to being easy to store and don’t require time and skills to have them set up. Besides, they are the best inexpensive alternative to the rather costly ones.

When you consider buying an inflatable pool, you should have in mind several factors. If it’s for family use, you don’t want it too deep so that children can play by themselves without being looked after. Moreover, the design is not a negligible variable when it comes to luring your children to some aquatic activities. The brighter, the greater!

The Pool Advisors have enlisted ten top-tier picks when it comes to inflatable family pools. Probably the model that would suit best your needs is the Big Mouth Rainbow Inflatable Kiddie Pool. Maybe one of the best inflatable pools, Big Mouth Rainbow excels through its fun design and easy to assemble factor. It is just perfect for a round of fun splashing into the water!

How important is the stereo unit in your car audio system

Any car audio system usually consists of the same few elements – speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and most importantly, the stereo unit.

The stereo unit, also often called a head unit, is the brain of the whole system. You use the stereo unit to control the audio settings, such as volume, and navigate your favorite tracks and sound sources.

In modern cars, a stereo unit looks like a touchscreen that is placed in the middle of your dashboard. That kind of unit is referred to as double DIN stereo units. In older cars, you will usually find single DIN stereo units, which are two times shorter than the double DIN, and instead of a touchscreen, they just consist of multiple buttons and maybe a cassette or a CD player. If you are upgrading your car audio system and have a car that has a spot to install a double DIN stereo unit, we highly recommend it. Double DIN units are simply superior to single ones in terms of functionality and audio quality. You can find reviews of the best double DIN stereo units here.

Stereo unit importance

If you want to improve your car audio quality you might think that the only thing you need to update is the speakers and maybe some other components like amplifiers. And while it is true that these elements probably do more for the way your audio sounds, a stereo unit also carries importance that should not be overlooked.

The stereo unit is the element that outputs the audio and connects it to the speakers. It literally acts as a sound source. And if the audio output is not powerful enough, it won’t matter that you bought the strongest amplifiers on the market and the audio will still sound weak and distorted. You will need sufficient power output that is compatible with the other elements of your audio system.

Stereo units are equipped with small built-in amplifiers that, depending on your needs, can give you the audio boost you want. To measure that output we use the RMS (root mean square) value – the bigger the better. For zealous audiophiles, the amps from the stereo unit will probably not be enough and they will opt to also invest in some separate ones. However, for a lot of people, the stereo unit can do the job by itself.

If you want to upgrade other audio elements in addition to the stereo unit, take a look at the AnoBit website to see reviews of different audio components.

The latest stereo units come with various other features, not necessarily related to audio. If you want to get the most out of your unit, search for something that has smartphone integration, a good GPS navigation system, and whatever else you might need. The look of the stereo unit is also important – you want something that is enjoyable to look at and has an easy-to-use user interface.

Black Diamond Log Splitter Basics

The Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter is split into two: The portable 25-ton log splitter and the stationary 3-point log splitter. The existence of these types always poses a huge dilemma as you wonder which one is right for you.

What’s a Black Diamond Log splitter? As the name implies, a Black Diamond log splitter splits woods and logs for subsistence use or commercial use. The significant difference between the portable Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter and the Black Diamond 3-point Log Splitter isn’t that much. They are quite similar in so many ways except one.

The Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter is a portable one and can be moved around when attached to a trailer base. The Black Diamond 3-point Log splitter, on the other hand, is stationary.

The choice is already made up for you. If you can haul your woods into a woodshed for splitting, then go for the Black Diamond 25-ton 3-point Log Splitter. If you have to split woods in the open field, then go for the Black Diamond 25-ton Log Splitter, as it’s designed to allow lugging around.

Black Diamond 25-ton Log Splitter Specifications

  • Cycle Time: 16 Seconds.
  • Ram Force: 25 Ton
  • Gear Pump: 14 GPM or 2-Stage
  • Weight Size: 8″ Harden Steel
  • Hydraulic System Capacity: 6.5 Gallons
  • Hydraulic Oil: ISO32, ASLE H-150, or 10WT A W32.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: 4.13″ x 24.5″
  • Maximum Log Length: 26″
  • Maximum Pressure: 3625 PSI
  • Maximum Towing Speed: 45MPH
  • Manual Start Engine: Briggs & Stratton 208cc / 6.5HP
  • Hitch Type: 2″ Ball Coupler
  • Wheel Size: 16″ / 4.80-8
  • Pre-cut blade splitting wedge
  • Square log cradle
  • Vertical direction splits
  • Horizontal direction split.

The vertical direction split helps with more massive logs of 175 pounds and is much more comfortable. All you need to do is roll the wood up and place it underneath the splitting wedges instead of lifting it into a horizontal position.

The horizontal direction split, not to be outdone, splits logs easily as well. No matter the position, both vertical and horizontal splits will split the logs efficiently, all you have to do is pick which is favorable to you.

The two triangle heads on the splitting wedge are pre-cut to ensure that the logs stay in place when the blades hit a tough spot.


The blades of the Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter are more powerful than other log splitter blades.

It moves at a steady pace and cuts through the logs. If it hits a knot or a hard spot, it slows down to a whine and reduces speed but not power, before it pops the wood immediately and cuts it efficiently.

Just make sure that the splitting wedge is intact before every cut.


Black Diamond Log Splitter comes with three separate levels of warranty.

• One year from the date of purchase – Hydraulic system components replacement or repairs.

• Two years from the date of purchase – Engine.

• Three years from the date of purchase – Workmanship and material defects, replacement, or repairs.

The warranty doesn’t cover the wrong assemblage of components, misuse, and overloading contrary to the instructions on the manual.

There you have it, the basics you need to know about the Black Diamond 25-ton Log Splitter.

How To Make Cheese Sauce

Individuals simply love to eat cheddar and it is such something to be thankful for, to the point that there are numerous approaches to serve and make it. Cheddar is versatile to the point that it can be utilized for an assortment of dishes. It can be even be eaten individually. And so on, breakfast, lunch, bites, and supper. It can run with anything. You can blend it with angle, vegetables, chips, meat, and others.

In reality, you can transform your normal dish into something fabulous by including cheddar sauce it. You can even influence your kids to eat vegetables, all you require is cheddar. You don’t need to turn on your stove, you can simply utilize your trusty microwave and you can influence cheddar to sauce in only two or three minutes. The procedure is to modify the fixings in like manner.

Do you realize that any sort of cheddar can be made into a cheddar sauce? So you can attempt any sort of cheddar and influence tasty cheddar to a sauce for your dish. When you have aced the specialty of making it, you can explore different avenues regarding various types of seasonings and distinctive cheddar mixes. You should attempt it and it will make your sauce into something different that you and your adoration ones will without a doubt love. Serve it with rice, vegetables, meat, fish or simply your plain old bread. The immense thing about it is you can, in any case, utilize it following several days. Warm it and appreciate. Simply make sure to refrigerate when you intend to store it.

Children are the hardest to encourage however once they cherish a formula or a nutrition type, it is essentially difficult to prevent them from eating it. Most children love to eat chicken, spaghetti, chocolates, confections, and cheddar. Truth be told, mothers have fused cheddar into anything that they need their children to eat. Broccoli can be blended with cheddar sauce and the children will gobble it up to the last nibble. This reality provoked mamas everywhere throughout the world to consider approaches to influence this sort of sauce so their kids and different individuals from the family to will eat better amid supper times. In this manner, feast times are never again a baffling occasion in light of the fact that everyone is eating everything on the table including your children and little girls.

Cheddar sauce makes each dish energizing. This is valid since you will have the capacity to see all your relatives eat their vegetables. You can get left-overs and pour cheddar on it and what you got is a moment scrumptious supper. One can even set it up amid dinner times. Cheddar sauce can likewise be filled in as a feature of a starter. Whatever you do with it, it generally makes a generally normal dinner into an energizing one. It improves essential formulas taste. In addition, it isn’t that difficult to make so if the children are not eating with what you have arranged for them, influence cheddar to a sauce. You will be flabbergasted by how it can change the nourishment as well as the various individuals from the family into eating everything in locating.