Black Diamond Log Splitter Basics

The Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter is split into two: The portable 25-ton log splitter and the stationary 3-point log splitter. The existence of these types always poses a huge dilemma as you wonder which one is right for you.

What’s a Black Diamond Log splitter? As the name implies, a Black Diamond log splitter splits woods and logs for subsistence use or commercial use. The significant difference between the portable Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter and the Black Diamond 3-point Log Splitter isn’t that much. They are quite similar in so many ways except one.

The Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter is a portable one and can be moved around when attached to a trailer base. The Black Diamond 3-point Log splitter, on the other hand, is stationary.

The choice is already made up for you. If you can haul your woods into a woodshed for splitting, then go for the Black Diamond 25-ton 3-point Log Splitter. If you have to split woods in the open field, then go for the Black Diamond 25-ton Log Splitter, as it’s designed to allow lugging around.

Black Diamond 25-ton Log Splitter Specifications

  • Cycle Time: 16 Seconds.
  • Ram Force: 25 Ton
  • Gear Pump: 14 GPM or 2-Stage
  • Weight Size: 8″ Harden Steel
  • Hydraulic System Capacity: 6.5 Gallons
  • Hydraulic Oil: ISO32, ASLE H-150, or 10WT A W32.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: 4.13″ x 24.5″
  • Maximum Log Length: 26″
  • Maximum Pressure: 3625 PSI
  • Maximum Towing Speed: 45MPH
  • Manual Start Engine: Briggs & Stratton 208cc / 6.5HP
  • Hitch Type: 2″ Ball Coupler
  • Wheel Size: 16″ / 4.80-8
  • Pre-cut blade splitting wedge
  • Square log cradle
  • Vertical direction splits
  • Horizontal direction split.

The vertical direction split helps with more massive logs of 175 pounds and is much more comfortable. All you need to do is roll the wood up and place it underneath the splitting wedges instead of lifting it into a horizontal position.

The horizontal direction split, not to be outdone, splits logs easily as well. No matter the position, both vertical and horizontal splits will split the logs efficiently, all you have to do is pick which is favorable to you.

The two triangle heads on the splitting wedge are pre-cut to ensure that the logs stay in place when the blades hit a tough spot.


The blades of the Black Diamond 25-ton log splitter are more powerful than other log splitter blades.

It moves at a steady pace and cuts through the logs. If it hits a knot or a hard spot, it slows down to a whine and reduces speed but not power, before it pops the wood immediately and cuts it efficiently.

Just make sure that the splitting wedge is intact before every cut.


Black Diamond Log Splitter comes with three separate levels of warranty.

• One year from the date of purchase – Hydraulic system components replacement or repairs.

• Two years from the date of purchase – Engine.

• Three years from the date of purchase – Workmanship and material defects, replacement, or repairs.

The warranty doesn’t cover the wrong assemblage of components, misuse, and overloading contrary to the instructions on the manual.

There you have it, the basics you need to know about the Black Diamond 25-ton Log Splitter.

How To Make Cheese Sauce

Individuals simply love to eat cheddar and it is such something to be thankful for, to the point that there are numerous approaches to serve and make it. Cheddar is versatile to the point that it can be utilized for an assortment of dishes. It can be even be eaten individually. And so on, breakfast, lunch, bites, and supper. It can run with anything. You can blend it with angle, vegetables, chips, meat, and others.

In reality, you can transform your normal dish into something fabulous by including cheddar sauce it. You can even influence your kids to eat vegetables, all you require is cheddar. You don’t need to turn on your stove, you can simply utilize your trusty microwave and you can influence cheddar to sauce in only two or three minutes. The procedure is to modify the fixings in like manner.

Do you realize that any sort of cheddar can be made into a cheddar sauce? So you can attempt any sort of cheddar and influence tasty cheddar to a sauce for your dish. When you have aced the specialty of making it, you can explore different avenues regarding various types of seasonings and distinctive cheddar mixes. You should attempt it and it will make your sauce into something different that you and your adoration ones will without a doubt love. Serve it with rice, vegetables, meat, fish or simply your plain old bread. The immense thing about it is you can, in any case, utilize it following several days. Warm it and appreciate. Simply make sure to refrigerate when you intend to store it.

Children are the hardest to encourage however once they cherish a formula or a nutrition type, it is essentially difficult to prevent them from eating it. Most children love to eat chicken, spaghetti, chocolates, confections, and cheddar. Truth be told, mothers have fused cheddar into anything that they need their children to eat. Broccoli can be blended with cheddar sauce and the children will gobble it up to the last nibble. This reality provoked mamas everywhere throughout the world to consider approaches to influence this sort of sauce so their kids and different individuals from the family to will eat better amid supper times. In this manner, feast times are never again a baffling occasion in light of the fact that everyone is eating everything on the table including your children and little girls.

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